Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Video: re Stop the Trans Paciific Partnership Agreement

Read more about Dr Tienhaara’s groundbreaking research on the dangers of ISDS here:

ISDS stands for Investor-State Dispute Settlement, which is currently included as a provision in one of the world's largest multinational trade deals – the Trans-Pacific Partnership (or 'TPP' for short).

Liberals Continue Campaign to Undermine ICAC

Today's draft report that the parliamentary committee on the Independent Committee Against Corruption is set to make sweeping recommendations is yet another attack on effective corruption fighting in NSW.

The proposal for three commissioners, instead of a single commissioner, also targets public hearings which will now be subject to a unanimous vote in order to be held.

Three commissioners will also serve to impose significant additional costs onto ICAC which needs to be focussing its resources on front line corruption investigation.

Turnbull channels Abbott on lawfare

The Australian Greens today condemned Malcolm Turnbull's capitulation to the hard right within the Coalition after his reported proposal<> to bring back "lawfare" changes to stifle community enforcement of our national environment laws.

Australian Greens Deputy Leader and environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said:

"If Tony Abbott and the Nationals get their way, developers and the government would be able to ignore environmental laws and the community couldn't do a thing about it - rendering the laws utterly useless.

"Stopping ordinary Australians from enforcing our environment laws would be a capitulation to the hard right inside the Coalition and yet another win for Tony Abbott.

"Gutting public enforcement of environmental laws is an attack on democracy and the rule of law.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Letter: The Baird-Grant government is using taxpayer money to subsidise the destruction of native forest in our backyard.

 Logging is imminent in compartments 384 & 385 of Buckra Bendinni state forest, which is home to a significant koala population.

There have been 106 official records of koalas in this area and locals attest to their long-term presence.  This area also falls within the proposed Great Koala National Park.

There has been intensive logging in adjacent compartments, so any koalas who aren't slaughtered during the massive felling by indiscriminate, gargantuan machines, will have no refuge to retreat to and may perish.

NBN Story: Upgrade of Urunga's Tidal Pool to commence in the next few months.

Upgrade of Urunga's Tidal Pool to commence in the next few months. Great to see Greens' Mayor Dominic King talking about this long awaited action on the news this evening.

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Forum: What would a sustainable shire look like? December 10, Bellingen Showground

Bellingen Shire Event
Saturday, December 10
 9:00- 12.00  
Bellingen Showgrounds - Main Pavilion
All welcome
The forum is being facilitated by Greens' Mayor Dominic King, and Councillors Jennie Fenton and Toni Wright-Turner.


We are creating a space to bring your ideas, big and small, about sustainability.

We are creating a space to share information about sustainability initiatives that are already happening.

We are creating a space to share information about sustainability initiatives that have happened before.

We are creating a space for ideas to turn into plans and plans to turn into action.

We are still working on the layout so save the date and watch this space!

Dom, Toni and Jennie

Valla, Nambucca, Kempsey Greens to form. Meeting October 30

At a previous Macksville meeting held at the Star Hotel

At a meeting on October 9,  2016, Mid North Coast Greens members from the Valla, Nambucca and Macleay Valleys decided to form a new group of Greens that will meet locally and support Greens in the Nambucca and Kempsey Shires. MNC Greens will mentor the new group.

This is an exciting opportunity for Greens and Greens' supporters in the Nambucca and Macleay valleys to meet more regularly in local venues.

Macksville is now a half hour journey from Kempsey and it is less time to travel to Macksville from Valla.

A meeting will be held on October 30 to elect the new group's office bearers. All members and prospective members are welcome.

Macksville Lunch Meeting
A meeting especially for Valla, Nambucca Valley and Kempsey Valley members and prospective members

Lunch at 12.30 at the Star Hotel, Macksville

2.00 PM Meeting, October 30, CWA Rooms Princess St, Macksville 

Current Contact for Nambucca - Macleay Greens via

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Greens Newtown MP Condemns WestConnex Arrests

Reports that Police have arrested three residents taking part in nonviolent direct action at Holmwood St in Newtown today are cause for serious concern for our community.

Member for Newtown and spokesperson on WestConnex, Jenny Leong MP, says that people have a right to engage in peaceful protest.

"Local residents were peacefully protesting at the site when contractors shamefully built a fence around them. It's not the first time we've seen dodgy tactics like this used by private contractors doing the Baird-Grant government's dirty business," she said.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Stop the Baird-Grant Land Clearing Laws - Video

Stop the Baird-Grant Land Clearing Laws - Video

Nearly 29 million busy signals for people trying to reach Centrelink last financial year

The number of calls to Centrelink that hit a busy signal has ballooned out to nearly 29 million for 2015-16, up from 22 million the previous year.

"In addition call waiting times on the main program phone lines remains high causing further frustration.

“I have been tracking this growing problem for some time and every estimates the numbers seem to continually climb.

Reef progress still Miles away: water quality Report Card

"Today's report card is a fail on Reef water quality, after this year's earlier fail on climate with 22% of corals dead from the Reef's worst ever coral bleaching," said Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and environment spokesperson.

"The Queensland and federal governments have flunked in improving the water quality of the Reef - there has been effectively zero improvement since last year.

CSIRO to face questions in Estimates on new report about potentially corrupting fracking industry influence

The Australian Greens will question the CSIRO in Senate Estimates today over revelations in the report released today<> revealing potential conflicts of interest relating to crucial climate, environmental and social research within the CSIRO's industry-funded Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA).

Bellingen Shire Electricity Alliance Workshop Nov 4

Greens introduce bill to ban new coal mines to save the climate

The Greens have introduced the Mining Amendment (Climate Protection - No New Coal Mines) Bill 2016 into the NSW Legislative Council.  The bill puts the issue of coal and its impact on the climate firmly on the NSW Parliament’s agenda and, if enacted, would prohibit the approval of any new coal mines or coal mine expansions. 
This is the first time a bill to ban all new coal mines has been introduced into an Australian Parliament.  Currently there are applications for an additional 1.8 billion tonnes of new coal mining in NSW.

“For too long governments have made excuses while the coal industry rapidly expanded.  For the sake of the climate we must deal with coal and the first step is to ban new coal mines and mine expansions, and then to implement a transition strategy to shift from coal to renewable energy and diversify regional economies,” said Greens energy and resources spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Is brunching to blame for the housing crisis?

"The Murdoch press has encouraged young people to eat fewer brunches to save for a house. How condescending and unhelpful.

Rich investors have driven up house prices and young people are already spending less on food.

We need real solutions to affordability, not moralising from conservative commentators."

Senator Lee Rhiannon

Greens MP Objects to Hanson Comparison

Today in NSW Parliament, during a debate on public housing, the National's Member for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead implied The Greens were "a lot like Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party".

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP says that the comparison was nothing short of insulting.

Shark Watch not shark nets

Greens MP for Ballina, Tamara Smith today welcomed the efforts of local group Shark Watch NSW to set up a volunteer surveillance service to help protect swimmers and surfers at Ballina's beaches.

"I fully support this local solution to a very complex problem affecting Ballina's residents. Shark Watch is well organised and committed to providing a shark spotting service using volunteers and drones," said Ms Smith.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Leyonhjelm’s horse trading on ABCC reveals his craven opportunism

Greens spokesperson for gun control Senator Lee Rhiannon has commented on reports that Senator Leyonhjelm is seeking to pressure the Turnbull government into relaxing national gun laws, in exchange for his support of the ABCC.

‘There should not be horse trading on these bills. It is so important that we do not let our stringent gun laws slip away by bartering over bills like this.

Planned move would gut Pesticides Agency of organisational knowledge

With nearly three-quarters of scientists at the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) saying they are not willing to move from Canberra to Barnaby Joyce's electorate of New England, the Greens have called on the government to ditch the plan.

"The Agriculture Minister's proposal has been a prime example of a failure of consultation with staff, stakeholders and the community in general," said the Australian Greens Agriculture spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.